Sit here…..

Doesn’t that look like a great spot. It needs a little bench between the two doors. Plenty wide enough to hold me and my little doxie. Some pretty chintz pillows in reds and pinks. A soft throw, maybe in a sweet green.

School is out for summer. It’s all quiet on the lake today, Wednesday’s are always slow. Church tonight, you know. This looks like a fine place to spend my day. It’s going to be hot out, I’m going to need a little fan. I’ll also need that small yellow table to set my Coca-Cola on. Ok, I’m all set. Now……

What do I want to read?  I’ll want something that is familiar, something I can get lost in for a while. The Bobsey Twins? The Boxcar Children? Anna of Green Gables? No….not today. Today I want a good ol’ fashioned who-done-it. While I am enamored of both of those Hardy Boys, I think I’ll go with Nancy Drew. Nancy always finds something that needs a little bit of investigation. That’s just the ticket for me this afternoon. I’m going to lay here and smell the wind off of the lake and listen to the birds, but only for a few pages. It won’t take long before everything around me fades away into nothing.

Ir’s just Nancy and me…..

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